184. CFAMC Listening Page – Brian J. Nelson

FEBRUARY 23, 2020
Brian J. Nelson
Piano Trio, op. 21
I. Prologue
II. Scherzo
III. Ballade
IV. Fugue
performed by Trio con Spirito

MP3 Score

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A long form work covering a wide emotional and technical range in a movement schema of slow/fast/slow/fast.


As a Catholic composer, I seek to follow the Lord Jesus under the guidance of His Church and the intercession of Mary, the Mother of God. Life as a composer is very challenging but it is a way for me to love both God and neighbor. May the Lord Jesus grant me the grace to come before him at the end of my life, having brought a return on the gifts He has bestowed upon me.


Brian J. Nelson was born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1967 and began composing at age twelve. He received his Bachelor of Composition degree from the University of Michigan in 1990, where he studied with William Bolcom, William Albright and Nick Thorne. He completed a Master’s degree in Composition at the University of Wisconsin in May 2000 and a D.M.A from the University of Kansas (2011) where he studied with James Barnes. He currently works as the Director of Sacred Liturgy and Music at the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center in Lawrence, KS. Brian’s music is characterized by a strong melodic sense and an original tonality – his work is deeply engaging, and in each piece he clearly demonstrates his mastery of form, structure and powerful expression. He continues to compose both commissioned and non-commissioned works across a wide variety of genres and forms. Two CD recordings of his sacred, vocal, and instrumental works are available.