Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers Virtual Conference 2021

The Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers (CFAMC) will hold its Virtual Conference on October 23, 2021, from 1:00 – 6:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time, via the Zoom teleconferencing app.

To encourage even greater fellowship among attendees, we will have two concerts with a maximum of 12 works. These concerts will have brief conversations about each work after its performance. We will also worship together with three hymns by Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers members. All are invited to attend, but please attend all events as you are able, to encourage your fellow composers.

Proposals are solicited in five categories:

  1. Videos of actual performances of works or works designed with videography (7-minute limit), including films scored by the submitter
  2. Live audio recordings of works (7-minute limit) with scores in PDF format or coordinated displays of the scores in video (see for an example)
  3. MIDI audio recordings of works (7-minute limit) with scores in PDF format or, even better, coordinated displays of the scores in video (unfortunately we are unable to play Finale files or files created directly by other notation programs)
  4. PDF’s and MIDIs/recordings of original hymns (3-minute limit). May be traditional 4-part hymn, chant, or Contemporary Christian Music (at least a melody lead sheet with chords)
  5. Papers (please submit any handouts in PDF)

Composers are encouraged to submit up to two entries.

Preference will be given to Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers members who were not represented in the 2020 Virtual International Conference.

Submission by e-mail checklist:

A. Scores in PDF or video format only for each submission
B. A separate recording for each submission labeled clearly with the title and composer’s name, either as an e-mail attachment or a weblink
C. A brief biography
D. Program notes for each work in a separate attachment with the title of the work and composer’s name clearly labeled
E. A cover e-mail including a list of the items submitted, durations for each item, and the composer’s contact information (email is preferred)

Please do not submit by mail.

Although there is no fee to submit a piece, we require submitters to be members in good standing of the Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers. A list of current members and information about how to join or renew membership in the CFAMC may be found at If this presents a financial burden, please contact our treasurer Barbara Holm at  to make alternative arrangements for your membership.

Since a primary purpose of CFAMC events is to foster Christian fellowship among its members, pre-registration and full attendance at the conference is required for all composers selected.

In submitting any work for virtual performance in this conference, each composer attests that the work and its performance are the property of the composer. CFAMC will not be responsible for any fees or costs incurred in the preparation of the score or any production of any recording or video.

The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2021, 11:59pm, or until all conference slots are filled. Please send materials to Walter Saul at . All questions may be directed to Walter Saul at that email address (preferred) or by phone or text at (559) 367-5806.

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