Benefits of Membership

While we strongly encourage members to be active professionally in the field of composition, CFAMC is different from many professional composer societies, in that its primary focus is not on providing monetary grants, recording projects, concert performances, music publishing services, and other career support activities. Instead, we attempt to foster the integration of compositional and spiritual growth through meaningful Christian fellowship among our members. The benefits accruing to members from such an approach may be summarized as follows:

  • Opportunity to share the joys and challenges of being a Christian art music composer with like-minded individuals through various forms of communication as well as live events;
  • The opportunity to support and be identified with a visible, established Christian ministry at work in the field of art music composition;
  • Confidence stemming from evidence that God is at work in our field;
  • Ancillary benefits resulting from professional and personal networking among CFAMC members;

And, for those participating in our network of fellowship groups:

  • Professional and spiritual attention from other CFAMC members;
  • The opportunity to serve other members by providing professional and spiritual attention to their work and witness.

Membership Requirements

CFAMC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry, and relies on the financial generosity of its members.

Anyone can maintain membership in the CFAMC by making an annual tax-deductible, charitable donation. The recommended donation is $45 ($25 for students). This annual donation is the only membership requirement. A donation of any amount will give membership to the end of the current calendar year. A donation made in December gives membership until December 31 of the following calendar year. If you value the mission of CFAMC you are welcome to give more.

  • You can mail a check, make check out to “The Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers”, and mail to Barbara Holm, Treasurer – CFAMC, 9600 Portland Ave S, Apt 111, Bloomington, MN 55420. Be sure to include your name, mailing address, e-mail, and that the contribution is for membership.
  • If you have a PayPal account, you can use that to make your contribution.
  • You can pay with credit card, you can use a credit or debit card (through PayPal) to make your contribution.

After you make your donation, you will receive confirmation by e-mail within a day or two.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your contribution, please contact us.


While the annual contribution is the only formal requirement for CFAMC membership, it is essential that members support and pray for the CFAMC mission, and endeavor to represent the Fellowship well in their activities. Finally, CFAMC is always in need of volunteers to assist with organizational and administrative activities. We hope and pray that members will offer their service as God leads.

Members Directory

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Akins, John
Andrews, Vincent
Arnauts, Dimitri
Bahr, Jason
Ballard, Jr, Jack
Barrett, Kaleb
Begbie, Jeremy (Honorary)
Beligano, Tylynn
Beteta, Xavier
Bloomfield, Owen
Brings, Allen
Brown, Douglas
Bryson, Donald
Canfield, David DeBoor
Casey, Jerry
Caudill, David
Chesney, Jacob
Corley, Maria Thompson
Davies, David
Davies, Dianne
Davies, Ken
DeJong, Kenneth L
Denham, Robert
Devor, James A
Durand, Samuel
Felice, Frank
Fields, Catherine
Fort, Andrew
Foulkrod, Jay
Gooch, Warren
Grabill, Elliott
Greene, Joseph
Guthrie, Ian
Harmon, Samuel
Hegdahl, Andrew
Hijleh, Mark (Honorary)
Holm, Barbara
Johansson, Lennart
Jones, Marshall
Kim, Jihyun
Kroeker, Aidan
Kucij, Tim M.
Labenske, Victor
LaRocca, Frank
MacMillan, Sir James (Honorary)
Martinez, Diego Roman
McConnell, Doug
Miller, Timothy L.
Mittelstaedt, Jan
Molineux, Allen
Mumford, Lawrence
Myers, Robert
New, Jonathan
Odvody, Madison
Okpebholo, Shawn
Okumura, Lydie
Pan, Zhengtao
Pascuzzi, Gregory
Peacock, William Anthony
Piunno, Nicole
Rainous, Jonathan
Ramage, Matt
Rentowski, Wieslaw
Rippentrop, Denice
Robinson, Andrew
Rodriguez, Josh
Rosaz, Jean-Christophe
Sanborn III, Donald
Sauerwein, Andrew
Saul, Walter
Savage, Heather Niemi
Scalise, Nathan
Schlueter, Sonja
Simon, Stephanie
Sonntag, Dawn
Stipp, Neil
Thompson, Marilyn
Tysdal, Darin
Viarzhbouski, Leanidavich
Vollinger, William
Wakeman, Forrest
Walker, Hannah Grace
Walls, Jay
Weaver, Brent
Wey, Jonathan
Wilson, Donald
Wishart, Betty
Wooldridge, Marc
Yarison, Ishaya J.